last one. have a good laugh and a good night everyone

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just some late night weeb fun

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Why is Hobbes such a faggot? I'm pretty sure he made a thread about himself last night so he could circle jerk.
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Yeah, that’s CJ for you. 

I used to go to his tinychats a couple years ago and he’s always been just completely self-absorbed. He thinks he’s ~super~ hot because he happens to be pretty fit and athletic. He’s become pretty irrelevant now though. He and Coffee together are just completely insufferable. They both just feed off each other and think they’re funny for calling other people ugly or fat. 

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cglmrfreeman replied to your link: you all have been pretty quiet tonight. any questions/comments you want to get off your chest?

Any drama over the creation of “Cosplay Appretiation Day”?

I’ve only really starting re-archiving what goes on /cgl/ for the past week after a really long break, so I can’t say for sure. However, it’s most likely a 50/50 split between “It’s awesome we’re getting more popularity and support!” and “Ugh terrible cosplayers are going to make the entire cosplay base look ridiculous.” 

Do you ever see people you know, whether personally or just in passing, pop up in dramu or ita threads and laugh your ass off? That's literally all I go on /cgl/ for. You have any memorable stories of seeing familiar faces on the board?
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God I wish. Thankfully all of my friends are pretty normal so no ita/dramu at all. I have met a lot of tripfags at conventions and it’s pretty ridiculous how big a deal they make of themselves. Whenever I go to /cgl/ meetups I end up leaving within the first 30 minutes out of second hand embarrassment. 

What I’ve learned that a lot of the drama is made up on /cgl/ (which should be obvious). I’ve met Kammie, Precious, and some other well knowns several times, have had light conversation and they’ve all been pretty cordial. And then you get these threads that are like “I SWEAR I SAW KAMMIE ROLL HER EYES AT MY WIG OMG BITCH” etc. 

But yeah. You should link me to some funny drama/ita threads next time. I’d love to check them out. 

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Pastelbat sending herself anonymous love?

Earlier today I sent Pastelbat an ask telling her about how GLW is using one of her pictures to promote their mint rhapsody wig. I told her that I wasn’t sure whether or not they had her permission to use it, so I thought it would be good for her to know in case they didn’t. I have to note that at that time, anon asks were turned off on her blog. She did not reply to me.

A few minutes later, this anon ask shows up. Note that anon asks are /still turned off on her blog/.

My theory is that she saw my ask and decided to twist the words completely to send herself a compliment on anon, being quick to allow then deny anon asks before and after the deed.

So, complimenting yourself on anon? Feeling really insecure about ourselves, huh, Emilia?

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is it bad that for a second i thought it was an avatar cosplay?

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